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It does not exist yet, it is just a piece of leather… I know that that piece of leather will become a piece of jewellery... I am so curious to see it... I do want to touch it... to speak to it... it will accompany me during my journeys, meetings, cruises…it will be always the last thing I will wear before leaving home... it will be difficult to choose which one to wear... I will spend with it the nicest or the worst days of my life... but it will be there always with me… my mood will change… but it won’t. My shoe is the unique “woman” that will be always faithful... it will always forgive my mistakes, it will always enjoy my success... it will see me crying, laughing, running, sitting at an airport or sipping champagne in a suite... I know it will not judge me and it will listen to me when I need to speak to somebody or it will not ask me anything if it sees me alone, tired… It will be simply my lover, the one I will wake up in the middle of the night when I miss it… it will be my lover… I will spend with it the whole day... sometimes the whole night… or just 2 hours… but I will love it forever... it will understand when I say it is not the only one in my life… because it loves me… and it will believe me... because...

Vittorio Martire


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Luxury is never too much

An extraordinary combination of passion, talent and creativity contribute to Martire’s footwear. A young and dynamic professional in continuous search for luxury things. Vittorio Martire loves continuing his family’s legacy by keeping the tradition alive for 4 generations. His production, in his own Italian atelier, is based on craftsmanship, love and attention to detail. His shoes are made using only the finest Italian leathers, fabrics and exotic leathers…and when Martire starts designing, he thinks of materials, shapes, colours… create works of art to be worn on your feet. He works for your everyday comfort in mind! Vittorio Martire, a luxury Italian brand adding a touch of glamour to formal and casual shoes.

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